Patent Case Collections - McArthur and Fisher Cases

This section is a miscellaneous collection of old English and Americian IP cases scanned from nominal case law reporters and digests.

Fisher's Patent Cases - A Digest Of The Reported English Cases Relating To Patents, Trade Marks And Copyrights Determined In The House Of Lord And The Courts Of Common Law And Equity, With Reference To The Statutes; Founded On The Analytical Digest By Harrison And Adapted To The Present Practice Of Law By R.A. Fisher Edited By Henry Hooper (Robert Clarke & Co., Baker & Voorhis & Co., 1872)

MacArthur's Patent Cases

An exact reproduction of an original copy of MacArthur's Patent Cases determined in the Circuit and Supreme Courts of the District of Columbia by Frank MacArthur, Examiner of Interferences, U.S. Patent Office 1885, covering period 1841-1859.




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