Compilation of Weekly Presidential Documents - June 11, 2001 - Statement on the Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement George W Bush

Monday, June 11, 2001


Volume 37, Issue 23; ISSN: 0511-4187


Statement on the Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement

George W Bush



� June 8,2001



� Free trade and open markets are at the foundation of my

administration's efforts to promote prosperity and opportunity

around the world. Our free trade agenda is designed to engage our

trading partners at the global, regional, and bilateral level and to

expand economic integration and political cooperation. The history

of the previous century teaches us that trade is a powerful tool for

improving and reforming economies and opening up entire societies.



� Today I am sending to the Congress the Vietnam bilateral trade

agreement, an important part of my administration's trade agenda.

This agreement will increase opportunities for U.S. firms by

requiring Vietnam to dismantle a wide range of trade barriers, open

its services markets, and provide comprehensive protection of

intellectual property rights. Expanding ties between the United

States and Vietnam will continue the historic process of normalizing

our relations-a process that began during the first Bush

administration and advanced in the Clinton administration with the

negotiation of this agreement.



� This agreement enjoys broad bipartisan support in the Congress,

including from many Members who are Vietnam veterans. Enactment of

the agreement will provide a solid bipartisan foundation for action

on other trade issues.



� I recently extended the Jackson-Vanik waiver for Vietnam for one

year, based on my belief that Vietnam is making progress on

liberalizing its emigration statutes. My administration will

continue to press for improvements in Vietnam's overall record on

human rights and religious freedom.



� At the dawn of a new millennium, the United States stands ready to

shoulder its leadership role throughout the world. Engaging other

nations in trade is a vital part of U.S. leadership, and it is a key

element of promoting economic growth at home and abroad. I urge the

Congress to approve this agreement.




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