Compendium II: Copyright Office Practices - Preface



This Compendium (designated as Compendium II) reflects

Copyright Office practices under the copyright law which became

fully effective on January 1, 1978, including Title 17 of the

United States Code and amendments thereof.

An earlier Compendium (now called Compendium I) was

issued a number of years ago to reflect Copyright Office prac-

tices under the Copyright Act of 1909, as amended. Compendium I

applies to Copyright Office actions, in situations which it

covers, where the provisions of the Copyright Act of 1909, as

amended, are dispositive.

The Compendium is a manual intended primarily for the

use of the staff of the Copyright Office as a general guide to

its examining and related practices. It is not a book of rules

that is meant to provide a ready-made answer to all questions

that arise. Any new case presented to the Office may require

special analysis.

The practices of the Copyright Office are subject to

Constant review and modification in the light of new experience

and continuing reappraisal. Accordingly, additions, deletions,

and other amendments will be made from time to time. The Copy-

right Office will provide an up-to-date Copy of the Compendium

for public inspection and copying. The Office will likewise

maintain a separate record of all material withdrawn from the

Compendium as superseded.

Section 201.1(b)(3) of the Copyright Office Regulations,

Title 37 of the Code of Federal Regulations, which are author-

ized under section 702 of the current copyright law, provides

for a compendium of Office practices.

Copies of Compendium II are available for purchase from

the Superintendent of Documents, united States Government Print-

ing Office, as a looseleaf publication; amendments and supple-

ments will be published by the Superintendent of Documents in

the form of additional or replacement pages as such changes are


Copies of the earlier Compendium (Compendium I) may be

purchased from the National Technical Information Service,

United States Department of Commerce.