U.S. Copyright Office Board of Appeals Decisions Index 2012

Decisions Index 2012

Date Company / Complaint In Relation To / Control No.
December 20, 2012 Gray Robinson PA
ATTN: Daniel C. Crilly
Wildwood Bracelet
Control No: 61-406-1459(C)
December 12, 2012 Theodore F. Shiells, Esq
Carr LLP
Brick Wall Pattern
Control No: 61-403-1731(M)
December 11, 2012 Brett A. Schatz, Esq
Wood, Herron and Evans LLP
Fairfield Casket
Control No: 61-408-1886(W)
October 12, 2012 kay Lyn Schwartz
Gardere Wyne Sewell LLP
Corr Nos: 1-94C84A, 1-AZ46QU
Answer ProTaper
Corr Nos: 1-90H3ZR, 1-B27SZD
Answer ProTaper Taperwall
Corr Nos: 1-A1YCLA, 1-B29H75
September 19, 2012 Louis Ederer, Esq
Arnold and Porter LLP
Jewelry Collection (Various)
Control No: 61-307-8660(Y)
September 18, 2012 Morris E. Cohen, Esq
Goldberg Cohen LLP
Flip It Cap Design for drinking cups
Control No: 61-317-8257
September 17, 2012 William L. Caughman III, Esq
Kean Miller Hawthorne D'Armond McCowan & Jarman
Round Fluted Tulip Open Work Shade
Control No: 61-313-6927(K)
September 14, 2012 William I. Caughman III, Esq
Kean Miller LLP
Versailles Athena Heart Shape 5151
Crystal Fuel Bottle "Humery"
Control No: 61-313-2110(K)
September 14, 2012 Anthony J. Malutta, Esq
Kilpatrick Townsend
French Hotel, Bond Street, French Gallery
Running Rabbit, Swiss Watchmaker and Shanghai
Control No: 60-719-0269(T)
September 14, 2012 Maxim H. Waldbaum
Eaton and Van Winkle
Control No: 61-324-8851(S)
September 13, 2012 Andrew Simpson, Esq.
Knobbe, Martens, Olson and Bear LLP
Reflections of a Curve: Symmetry
Control No: 61-310-1026(K)
August 29, 2012 L. Scott Paynter, Esq
Kreig DeVault, LLP
Pinstripe NTW napl (fabric design)
Waffle WAF DPU (fabric design)
Control No: 61-201-6191(W)
August 25, 2012 Mary L. Shapiro, Esq
Townsend and Townsend and Crew, LLP
French Hotel, Bond Street, French Gallery
Running Rabbit, Swiss Watchmaker and Shanghai
Control No: 60-719-0269(T)
July 30, 2012 Stuart E. Benson, Esq
Manelli Selter, PLLC
2nd - Ice Crystal Design
SR No: 1-539916887
June 21, 2012 Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough, LLP
ATTN: Neil C. Jones
Bar 1 Icon and Bra 3 Icon
SR Nos 1-507432968 and 1-507448461
June 19, 2012 Michael J. McCue
Lewis and Roca LLP
Visa and Band Designs - Blue, White and Gold
Corresp. ID: 1-5WQ2US
June 8, 2012 J. Charles Dougherty, Esq. Patriots Day Flag
Control No: 61-310-1616(W)
June 8, 2012 Benedict O'Mahoney, Esq.
Terra Law LLP
BlueBeat Catalog
Control No: 81-525-6480
May 31, 2012 Michael Garzone Rising Star Field on American Flag
Corresp. ID: 1-5WKOVF
April 13, 2012 Fullbright & Jaworski, LLP
Attention: Christopher M. Kindel
Geek Squad (Logo)
Corresp. ID: 1 O37ZSUW
April 9, 2012 Paul G. Juettner, Esq.
Greer, Bums & Crain, Ltd.
Surf Braid
Con-esp. ID: 1-2DPEEH
April 3, 2012 Jodi A. Reynolds, Esq.BR> Harter, Secrest & Emery LLP Marine Carps Amalgamation
Corresp. ID: 1-741 9TP
March 16, 2012 Peacock Myers, P.C.
Attn: Marcia T. Nass, Esq.
GRCF452 and 21 others
Control No. 6 1-3 19-6350(P)
(Refused 18/Approved 4)-N P
March 15, 2012 David S. D'Ascenzo, Esq.
Dascenzo Intellectual Property Law, PC
Heart in New Hampshire and 5 others
Corresp. ID: 1 -34COVW
February 27, 2012 Monster Cable Products, Inc.
Attn: F. David LaRiviere, Esq.
Flat Earphone Cable
SR 1-47230 149 1
SR 1-537533394
SR 1-633484452
February 24, 2012 Peter J. Vranum, Esq.
Gordon, Herlands, Randolph & Cox. LLP
Leaf Print Fabric Design
Corresp. ID: 1 -A3 WKSS
February 9, 2012 Steve Szczepanski, Esq.
Foley & Lardner, LLP
Sorry Boys, My Daddy Says
I Can't Date 'Ti1 I'm 30
Corresp. ID: 1 -A63T2 1
January 30, 2012 Charles C. Garvey, Jr., Esq.
Garvey, Smith, Nehrbass &
North, LLC
No La Badge
Control No. 61 -41 2-707.(G)

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