U.S. Copyright Office Board of Appeals Decisions Index 2009

Decisions Index 2009

Date Company / Complaint In Relation To / Control No.
October 21, 2009 Sylvia A. Petrosky, Esq. Metallic Hammered Bouquet + 1
Control No. 61-401-2249(P)
October 21, 2009 Sylvia A. Petrosky, Esq. Vertical Bar Design Packaging
Control No. 61-415-684(P)
August 11, 2009 Carol E. Handler
Wildman, Harrold, Allen
& Dixon, LLP
Control No. 61-419-6403(W)
August 11, 2009 Richard D. Zimmerman, Esq.
Chase Ruttenberg & Freedman, LLP
Rosette Beaded Sculpture
Control No. 61-421-6974(C)
August 10, 2009 Hamre, Schumann, Mueller
& Larson, P.C.
Chronologically Grouped
Coupon Set
Control No. 61-410-4777(S)
August 3, 2009 Craig Mariam
Gordon & Rees, LLP
Piezoelectric Lighter
orrespondence ID: 1-2RAJDF
June 18, 2009 Daniel M. Cislo, Esq.
Cislo & Thomas LLP
Boulevard Chair with Arms and 16 others
Control No. 61-400-1617(C)
April 23, 2009 Vanessa Hew
Duane Morris, LLP
Elbow Sleeve Plaid Printed
Thermal and 1 other
Control No. 61-503-1839(D)
March 27, 2009 Gregory H. Guillot Law Offices Tommy Devito-Then and Now
Control No. 71-502-7781(G)
February 23, 2009 Irving Keschner Mantra Series of Glass Tiles
Control No. 71-502-7781(G)

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