U.S. Copyright Office Board of Appeals Decisions Index 2005

Decisions Index 2005

Date Company / Complaint In Relation To / Control No.
December 12, 2005 Brett M. Hutton, Esq.
Heslin Rothenberg farley & Mesiti, P.C.
Primitive (tapered) Lamp Base, Primitive (circular) Lamp Base, Primitive (elliptical) Lamp Base
Second Refusal From October 12, 2004
November 29, 2005 Lara Dickey Lewis, Esq.
Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP
Source of Knowledge
Control No. 61-307-9211(S)
November 7, 2005 Amy R. Richter, Esq.
Cluster Necklace and Cluster Lariat
Control No. 61-217-8546(R)
November 3, 2005 Amy B. Goldsmith, Esq.
Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman, P.C.
Ring, Style No. 40675 and Chain, Style No. 41913
October 24, 2005 Gregory S. Shea, Esq.
Latham & Watkins, LLP
Ring Style 035
Control No. 61-312-8317(L)
October 05, 2005 Arthur G. Yeager, Esq. I (Heart) My Marine
Control No. 61-215-7171(N)
October 05, 2005 Frederick D. Page, Esq.
Holland & Knight, LLP
I Love My Sailor (VA 1-264-760), I Love My Marine (VA 1-264-761)
Control No. 61-317-7527(S)
September 27, 2005 Terrence J. McAllister, Esq.
Ohlandt, Greeley, Ruggiero & Perle, LLP
Croc Scissors
August 09, 2005 Karen Feisthamel, Esq. Hinkley Allen & Snyder Double Designer Lounge(#43045), Float (#43048), Float (#43051)
Control No. 61-223-173.(H)
July 19, 2005 E. Scott Johnson
Ober, Kaler, Grimes & Shriver
Marielle Faucet Base, Marielle Faucet Control Valva Base
Control No. 61-210-2908(O)/ No. 61-200-7678(O)
May 26, 2005 Jack B. Hicks, Esq.
Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC
Bogart Collection Open Oval Drawer Pull (-427)
Control No. 61-224-5585(W)
May 26, 2005 Robert J. Schaap, Esq. Design of a Wristwatch
Control No. 61-223-8976(S)
May 11, 2005 Ms. Jessica L. Turko and Ms. Beth H. Alter
Kramer Levin Naftalis and Frankel LLP
Top Panel For Locomotive Remote Control Unit
Control No. 61-204-4244(K)
May 06, 2005 Heather M. Barnes, Esq.
Brouse McDowell
Mailmaster Standard, Mailmaster Plus, Mailmaster Deluxe, Mailmaster Classic, Mailmaster Classic Plus
Control No. 61-206-449.(E)
March 31, 2005 Kevin P. Crosby, Esq.
Brinkley, McNerney, Morgan, Solomon & tatum, LLP
Gerard Console with Stone Top Lombard Chest
Control No. 61-207-7196(B)
March 28, 2005 Robert Tendler, Esq. Photo Coaster Square, Photo Coaster Set Square, Quadra Graphic Design in Glass Block
Control No. 61-201-552(T)/61-218-5960(T)
March 16, 2005 Mark D. Simpson, Esq.
Synnestvedt & Lechner LLP
Whealan Massicott Jewelry Design Umoja Bracelet
Control No. 61-212-9711(S)
March 10, 2005 David M. Perry
Blank Rome, LLP
Revolution 1.0, Revolution 3.0-RS 3.1, Revolution 3.0-RS 3.2, Revolution 4.00-RS 4.1, Revolution 4.00-RS 4.2
Control No. 61-223-5322(B)
March 08, 2005 Karen Artz Ash
Rosenman and Colin, LLP
Cloister Seat
Control No. 60-906-1846(R)
February 23, 2005 Matthew R. Jenkins, Esq.
Jacox Mecksroth and Jenkins
Gun Cover and Design
Control No. 61-216-9920(J)
February 18, 2005 Jay H. Begler, Esq.
Buchanan Ingersoll
Sirena Collection Single Stone Ring - A1705/R5
Control No. 61-214-7134(B)
February 15, 2005 John V. Moriarty, Esq.
Woodward, Ernhardt, Naughton, Moriarty & McNett
2nd Refusal
Chanmai fence, Songling Fence, Shantung fence and Tangshan Fence
February 14, 2005 Theodore C. Max, Esq.
Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky and Popeo PC
D1728N Organdie Necklace With Diamonds, D1480BS Renaissance Bracelet With Diamonds, D1453R Black Lace Floral Diamond Ring and D1660R Black Lace Floral Diamond Ring
Control No. 61-206-5437(M)
February 10, 2005 Evan Gourvitz
Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, P.C.
Lucinda Ring Setting
Control No. 61-200-6471(T)
February 08, 2005 Peter J. Vranum, Esq.
Janvey, Gordon, Herlands, Randolph & Cox, LLP
Triad-Gray Fabric Design
Control No. 61-213-7152(J)
February 03, 2005 Theodore C. Max, Esq.
Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky & Popeo, P.C.
2119E: Pair of Dangling Diamond Earrings, 2111N: Necklace of White Rose Cut Diamond, 2100E: Pair of Rose Cut Diamond Earrings, 2099E: Pair of Rose Cut Diamond Earrings, 2032BS: Spider Bracelet Brown Rose Cut Diamond, 2001BS: Spider Bracelet of Rose Cut Diamond, 2078N: Organdie Necklace, 2114E: Pair of Briolette Diamond Dangling Earrings
Control No. 61-209-4311(M)
February 01, 2005 Seth M. Nehrbass
Garvey, Smith, Nehrbass & Doody, LLC
Basketball Beads Collection, Baseball Beads Collection, Soccer Ball Beads Collection, Hockey Beads Collection, Heart Blinky Head, Lucky Shamrock Blinky Bead Collection, Football Blinky Bead Collection
Control No. 61-203-9084(B)
January 14, 2005 Michael A. Albert, Esq.
Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.
Pressed Flowers Frame Collection
Control No. 61-207-2148(W)

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