U.S. Copyright Office Board of Appeals Decisions Index 1997

Decisions Index 1997

Date Company / Complaint In Relation To / Control No.
October 3, 1997 Chris A. Caseiro, Esq.
Thomas L. Bohan & Associates
Wave Ring
Control No. 60-501-110(B)
October 1, 1997 Ross & Hardies
Thomas D. Drescher
Wrapped Reichstag, Berlin, 1971-1995
Control No. 60-504-9973(D)
September 25, 1997   Alexander H. Drummond, SH101, SH102, SH201, SH202, SH203and SH204
Control No. 60-511-1523(D)
September 25, 1997 Edward W. Gray Jr. Esq.
Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery
Heath Company, Decorative Lantern Housing
Control No. 60-506-112(F)
August 18, 1997 Edward R. Weingram, Esq.
Weingram & Associates, Attorneys
Baby Gold Jewerlry, Inc., BG14K-B0400 and Eight Others
Control No 60-406-8815(W)
June 23, 1997 Leonard DuBoff & Associates
Leonard DuBoff
Fluted Band and Remount Sopris Collection
Control No. 60-414-4742(K)
June 10, 1997 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
Marty Kay Hutton
Registration # Lp36398
June 2, 1997 Cleary & Komen
Edwin Komen
Control No. 60-503-4852(C)
May 22, 1997 Herbert L. Bello 3-dimensional sculpturesSalsa Salsa Server, Salsa Tortilla Warmer, Salsa Chip and Dip, Jumbo Garlic Cellar, and Original Garlic Baker
May 16, 1997 Steven H. Schwartz
c/o Brown and James
Artist=s Books-Snowglobe
May 14, 1997 Mcglew and Tuttle, P.C.
Jess M. Collen
Djellabah and Night
May 14, 1997 David J. Josephic, Esq.
Wood, Herron & Evans, P.L.L. Attorneys
Ansa Company, Inc., Infant Bottle
Control No. 60-410-7983(W)
May 13, 1997 Jess M. Collen, Esq.
McGlew and Tuttle, Attorneys
The 500 Yard Drive
Control No. 60-409-8485(B)
May 6, 1997 Daniel M. Cislo, Esq.
Cislo & Thomas
Jeff Ho Design
Control No. 60-501-7864(C)
May 5, 1997 Charles Hieken, Esq.
Fish & Richardson, Attorneys
Next Disk
Control No. 60-501-2199(W)
May 2, 1997 G. Donald Weber, Jr.
Law Office
Rocking Table
Control No. 60-501-2190(W)
April 25, 1997 Law Offices of Irena I. Karpinski
Karan Singh, Esq.
Pearl Pillows
Control No. 60-510-8766(L)
April 22, 1997 Lynn J. Alstadt
Buchanan Ingersoll, P.C.
Wreath Card Holder
Control No. 60-500-7496(b)
April 4, 1997 Harding, Earley, Follmer & Frailey Terry Towel
Control No. 60-502-7121(H)
April 4, 1997 Richard R. Mybeck EINC
Control No. 60-504-0017(M)
March 27, 1997 Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman, P.C.
Donna L. Mirman
Style No. 2236E
Control No. 60-405-8899(C)
March 4, 1997 Pamela Cianci Man By A Compfire
February 5, 1997 J. Michael Cleary and Edwin Komen, Attorneys
Law Office of Cleary & Komen
Lindos and City Blocks
Control No. 60-409-6821(C)
February 5, 1997 Michael R. Friscia, Esq.
Friscia & Nussbaum, Attorneys
Bouble Diamond, Diamond Shape, and Heart Shape
Control No. 60-407-3178(W)
February 5, 1997 Edward R Weingram, Esq.
Weingramm & Zall, Attorneys
Baby Gold Jewelry, Inc., BG14K-1035 and 23 Others
Control No. 60-407-0034(L)

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