U.S. Copyright Office Board of Appeals Decisions Index 1995

Decisions Index 1995

Date Company / Complaint In Relation To / Control No.
December 7, 1995 Roberta M. Price
Montgomery & Andrews
Many Lines Ranger Buckle Set
December 7, 1995 Berenhard Kreten
Bloom & Kreten
Bar-F Products, Inc., Design Patterns
December 7, 1995 Robert J. Enders
Berger, Kahn, Shafton, Moss, Figler, Simon & Gladstone
California Concept Studios
October 30, 1995 James D. Silberstein
Weiss, Dawid, Fross, Zelnick & Lehrman
American In Four Colors
October 30, 1995 Raymond P. Niro
Niro, Scavone, Haller & Niro
Snakelight-Snake Pipe and Snake Sculpt
Control No. 60-409-1373(N)

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