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Patents granted by the Republic of Texas

Document reported in Journals of the Fourth Congress of the Republic of Texas 1839-1840 to which are added the relief laws -- Edited by Harriet Smither, Archivist, Texas State Library -- Vol III, Reports and Relief Laws -- Texas Library and Historical Commission -- State Library, ca. 1932, page 30


Letter dated 6 Nov 1839 from Nathaniel Amory to David G. Burnet regarding patents granted by Republic of Texas.

Department of State

Austin, Nov. 6, 1839

To the Hon. David G. Burnet, Acting Sec'ry of State: --

Sir, -- In conformity with an act passed the last session of Congress, entitled, "an act securing patent-rights to inventors," and which constitutes the Chief Clerk of the State Department head of the Patent Bureau, under the direction of the Secretary of State.

I have granted and issued six patents as follows, viz: --

No. 1. To Chas. Learned & Stephen Waterman, for a machine for making brick.

No. 2. To Elijah Curtis, for an improvement in mills.

No. 3. To Robert Watson, for an improvement in steam saw mills.

No. 4. To Templeton Reid, for an improvement in cotton gin.

No. 5. To Smith Cram, for a machine for driving piles.

No. 6. To Smith Cram, for a machine for removing snags.

In each case the Patentee applied in person, took the requisite oath, after having legally declared his intention of becoming a citizen of Texas, paid thirty dollars for the use of the Republic, and those who designed being absent from the country, empowered an agent to represent their acquired rights.

As the law is not imperative in requiring the Patentee to deposit a model of the machine, or instrument, in the Patent Office, but leave it optional with him to provide either a drawing or model of the same, the latter has never been exacted, still in some cases it has been voluntarily furnished, and in others promised at a future period, but in every instance, a minute description, and drawing of the article patented has accompanied both the patent issued, and the copy retained in the office. Frequent applications have been made by persons residing in the United States, through an agent here, for patent for inventions, but have been refused until the applicant should appear in person and comply with the requisition of the law.

The models now in the office, are as follows: --

Of a machine for making bricks.

Of an improved cotton gin.

Of an improvement in steam mills.

No separate apartment has yet been assigned for the Patent Bureau, and the crowded condition of the State Department makes it necessary that another room be added to that building for the purpose to contain the documents and models which may fairly be expected to accumulate before the next session of Congress.

I have the honor to be, etc.

Nath'l Amory

Chief Clerk, Dep't State


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