Patent History Materials Index - Patent Materials from Scientific American, vol 59 new series (Jul 1888 - Dec 1888)

Scientific American, v 59 (ns), no 23, p 355, 8 December 1888

A Successful Inventor

We wish all American inventors could reap as bountiful a harvest as Hiram Maxim, of New York, who has received $850,000 for his last production, the quick-firing gun, in England. The first Maxim essay, the small one-barreled mitrailleur, has not been a success except in theory, the tremendous discharge of 1,000 shots per minute soon being too much for any single bore, however excellent of design or material. Maxim may be fairly accounted a prospective millionaire, having previously to his ordnance inventions received some $100,000 in the United States for his electric lighting patents. He is still a young man, and resides at Thurlow Lodge, which he has purchased, about twenty miles from London. The old mansion, surrounded by very fine grounds, is one of the historical English houses, having been the property and home of Lord Thurlow, the great English Chancellor.

-- Army and Navy Journal


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