IP Handbook of Best Practices

IP Handbook of Best Practices


Prepared by and for policy-makers, leaders of public sector research establishments, technology transfer professionals, licensing executives, and scientists, this online resource offers up-to-date information and strategies for utilizing the power of both intellectual property and the public domain. Emphasis is placed on advancing innovation in health and agriculture, though many of the principles outlined here are broadly applicable across technology fields.

Eschewing ideological debates and general proclamations, the authors always keep their eye on the practical side of IP management. The site is based on a comprehensive Handbook and Executive Guide that provide substantive discussions and analysis of the opportunities awaiting anyone in the field who wants to put intellectual property to work.

Come inside. You will find 153 chapters on a full range of IP topics and over 50 case studies, composed by over 200 authors from North, South, East, and West. If you are a policymaker, a senior administrator, a technology transfer manager, or a scientist, we invite you to use the site guide customized for you. The site guide distills the key points of each IP topic covered by the Handbook into simple language and places it in the context of evolving best practices specific to your professional role within the overall picture of IP management.





These chapters are a mirror of the Handbook home site http://www.iphandbook.org/index.html The content is posted by the generosity of the General Editor Dr. Anatole Krattiger.

We urge you to go to the Handbook site as it contains a tremendous and evolving collection of value added resources beyond the chapters in the IP Mall. Resources include: networking, resources and tools, IP Handbook Blog, agreement samples and glossaries.

IP Management in Health and Agricultural Innovation


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