The History of Intellectual Property at Franklin Pierce Law Center / University of NH School of Law - Class Photos - MIP 1988


MIP 1987/88
D.K. Choi                               Seoul, South Korea
Feng Xiaoming                       Shanghai, P.R. of China
Martin Etcheverry                   Buenos Aires, Argentina
Blandina Selle Gogadi            Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Gloria G. Isla del Campo        Mexico City, Mexico
Liang Liang                             Beijing, P.R. of China
Liu Feng Yun                          Beijing, P.R. of China
Luo Jia                                                Beijing, P.R. of China
Davide Marchi                        Milan, Italy
Ying Tuo                                 Shanghai, P.R. of China
Yue John                                 Beijing, P.R. of China



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