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Competition Law in the European Communities is a monthly newsletter, in its twenty-fifth year of publication. It is designed to keep subscribers up-to-date with developments in the Rules on Competition (anti-trust) under the EC Treaty.

Reports in the newsletter are based almost entirely on primary sources, which include judgments of the:

- Court of Justice of the European Communities
- Court of First Instance,
- Decisions of the European Commission
- Regulations and Directives of the Council and Commission
- Notices, Guidelines and Statements issued by the Commission.

Each report has an editorial commentary, aimed at bringing out the importance of the case or measure concerned in the context of competition law, legal procedure and business practice. Editorials, articles and other features discuss current trends in the law.

Competition Law in the European Communities is intended for:

- commercial firms and associations with in-house advisers on compliance,
- professional advisers to commercial firms and associations,
- libraries serving public, professional, academic and commercial readers,
- professors and students of competition law,
- administrators and legislators in the competition field and
- economists specialising in the economics of competition law and practice.





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