Competition Law in the European Communities - Articles - Case 25 - 2002

                                             Issue Number 25 (2002)





2001/2002 Index


January 2002
Price Fixing (Zinc Phosphate) The Zinc Phosphate Cartel Case
Price Fixing (Brewing) The Brewers Cartel Cases
Price Fixing (Citric Acid) The Citric Acid Cartel Case
Pricing Policy (Banking) The German Bank Cartel Case
Pricing Policy (Carbonless Paper) The CP Cartel Case


February 2002

Abuse of Dominant Position (Postal Service) The BPO Case
Acquisitions (Computers) The HP Compaq Case
DeMinimis Rules (All Industries) Commission Notice
Distribution (Motor Vehicles) Draft Regulation
Licensing (Technology Transfer) Commission Report


March 2002
Acquisition (Petfoods) The Masterfoods Case
Price Differentials (Cars) Commission Report
Pricing Policy (Shipping) The Atlantic Container Case
Undertakings (Barristers) The Wouters Case


April 2002
Abuse of Dominant Position (Mobile Phones ) The KPN Case
Admissibility (Broadcasting) The Satellimages Case
Exlusivity (Software) The Check Point Case
Fines (Power) The Asea Brown Boveri Case
Price Fixing (Books) The BDB Case


May 2002
Acquisitiions (Building Materials) The Haniel Case
Acquisitions (Crop Control) The Bayer Aventis Case
Acquisitions (Cruise Lines) The Carnival Case
Joint Ventures (Transport) The Connex Case
Price Fixing (Auctions) The Christies Sothebys Case
State Aid (Banks) The German Banks Cases
State Aids (Company Taxation) The Gibraltar Case


June 2002
Acquisitions (Tour Operators) The Airtours Case
Competition Rules (Sport) Commission Memorandum
Exclusivity (Broadcasting) The UEFA Case
Price Fixing (Banking) The Austrian Banks Case
Pricing Policy (Telecommunications) The DT Case


July 2002
Acquisitions (Accountancy) The Andersen Case
Competition (Coal and Steel) Commission Statement
Cooperation Agreements (Airlines) The Air France Case
Cooperation Agreements (Airlines) The Lufthansa Case
Distribution (Loudspeakers) The B W Case
Price-Fixing (Animal Feed) The Degussa Case
State Aids (Banking) The Stardust Marine Case


August 2002

Supply Restrictions (Natural Gas) The Norwegian Gas Case
Block Exemption (Insurance) Commission Draft
Concentrations (Divestiture) Commission Guidelines
Distribution (Motor Vehicles) Commission Regulation
Market Power (Communications) Commission Guidelines
Price Differentials (Motor Vehicles) Commission Report
Price-Fixing (Industrial Gases) The Dutch Gas Case


September 2002
State Aids (Postal Services) The British Post Office Case
Acqusitions (Electricity) The LEG Seeboard Case
Complaints (Sport) The IOC Case
Joint Ventures (Brewing) The BI Karlsberg Case
Mergers (Accounting) The Andersen Cases
Mergers (Television) The VIA Digital Case
State Aids (Banking) The Italian Banks Case
State Aids (Business Centres) The Biscaye Case
Cooperation Agreements (Mobile Phones) T-Mobile MM02


October 2002
Abuse of Dominant Position (Pharmaceutical Data) IMS
Block Exemption (Motor Vehicles) Commission Regulation
Licensing (Television Rights) The M6, GT and SIC Cases

November 2002
Abuse of Dominant Position (Airports) The AdP Case
Cooperation Agreements (Airlines) The KLM Case
Export Retrictions (Video Games) The Nintendo Case
Licensing (Broadcasting) The IFPI Case
Mergers (Electrical Equipment) The Schneider Case
Mergers (Packaging) The Tetra Laval Case
Price Fixing (Auctions) The Christies Sothebys Case
Procedure (General) The Roquette Case


December 2002
Price Fixing (Chemicals) The Aventis Merck Case
Pricing Policy (Plasterboard) The LafargeBPB Case
Procedure (All Industries) Council Regulation
Procedure (Polyvynilchloride) The LVM Case





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