Competition Law in the European Communities - Articles - Case 24 - 2001

                                             Issue Number 24 (2001)




January 2001

Implementing Rules Commission Proposal (Part II)
National Courts (Ice Cream) The Masterfoods Case
State Aids (Postal Services) The UFEX Case


February 2001
Acquisitions (Cement) The Cimpor Cementos Case
Acquisitions (Paper Tissue) The Metsa Case
Distribution (Construction Equipment) The JCB Case
Dominant Position (Broadcasting) The Ladbroke Case
Exclusivve Purchasing (Service Stations) The Neste Case
Mergers (Rock Crushing Machinery) The Metso Case
State Aids (Banking) The German Banking Case
State Aids Commission Guidelines


March 2001

Cooperation Agreements (Airlines) The BM Case
Procedure (Steel) The Mannesmannroehren-WerkeCase
Refusal to Supply (Pharmaceutical Data) The IMS Case
State Aids (Electricity) The Preussen Elektra Case


April 2001

Abuse of Dominant Position (Parcels) The Deutsche Post Case
Complaints (Television) The Metropole Case
Professional Rules (Patent Agents) The EPI Case


May 2001

Abuse of Dominant Position (Packaging) The DSD Case
Commissiion Notice (All Industires) De Minimis Rules
Commission Statement (Electricity) The EDF Case
Exclusivity (Express Mail) The TNT Traco Case
Price-Fixing (Banking) The Bank Cartel Cases
State Aids (Banking) The German Banks Case


June 2001

Complaints (Postal Service) The IEEC Case
Pricing Policy (Motor Vehicles) The VW Case
Procedure (All Industries) Commission Statement
Rebates (Postal Services) The Belgian Post Office Case
State Aids (Agriculture) The Agrana Case
State Aids (Banks) Commission Communication
State Aids (Broadcasting) The SIC Case


July 2001
Acquisitions (Aerospace) The GE Honeywell Case
Concerted Practices (Sugar) The Tate Lyle Case
National Courts Commission Statement
Price-Fixing (Graphite Electrodes) The SGL Carbon Case
Supply Agreements (Brewing) The Roberts Case


August 2001

Abuse of Dominant Position (Tyres) The Michelin Case
Concerted Practices (Sugar) The Tate Lyle Case
Exclusivity (Television Rights) The UEFA Case
Market Sharing (Airlines) The SAS Maersk Case
Pricing Policy (Payment Cards) The Visa Case


September 2001

Complaints (Broadcasting) The TF1 Case
Dominant Position (PC Systems) The Microsoft (II) Case
Pricing Policy (Compact Discs) The Bertelsman Case
State Aids (Banking) The BGB Case
State Aids (Motor Vehicles) The DaimlerChrysler Case
State Aids Commission Survey
State Aids The Mirabel Case


October 2001

Exemption (Packaging) The DSD(II) Case
Joint Ventures (Television) The M6 Case
Price Fixing (Sodium Gluconate) The Cartel Case
Typing Agreements (Breweries) The Courage Case


November 2001
Acquisitions (Iron Ore) The CVRD Case
Distribution (Motor Vehecles) The Daimler Chrysler Case
Dominant Position (Railways) The Deutsche Bahn Case
Procedure (Glass) The Kish Case
Procedure (Market Research) The IMS Case



December 2001
Abuse of Dominant Position (Tobacco) The AAMS Case
Market Access (Gas Pipelines) The Marathon Case
Price Fixing (Vitamins) The Vitamin Cartel Case
State Aids (Broadcasting) Commission Guidelines
State Aids (Broadcasting) The RTP Case






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