Competition Law in the European Communities - Articles - Case 22 - 1999

                                             Issue Number 22 (1999)





1998/1999 Index


January 1999

Joint Ventures (Mobile Phones) The MotorolaSymbian Case
Patent Licensing (Video Signals) The CTV Case
Procedure (All Industries) Commission Regulations
Procedure (Welded Steel Mesh) The Baustahlgewebe Case


February 1999

Sports Commission Statement
Standardisation (Banking) The Bagnasco Case
Vertical Restraints Commission Communication


March 1999

Acquisitions (Electricity) The EdF LE Case
Acquisitions (Retail Food) The Rewe Meinl Case
Complaints (Courier Services) The UFEX Case
Concentrations The Moller Case
Joint Ventures (Ferries) The P O Stena Case
Joint Ventures (Financial Services) BNP Cofinoga Creation
Joint Ventures (Financial Services) HalifaxCetelemDawn Case
State Aids (Airlines) The ADL Case
Tariffs (Airports) Portuguese and Finnish Airports Case
Tying Agreements (Breweries) The Whitbread Case


April 1999

Acquisitions (Insurance) The AXA GRE Case
Acquisitions (Minerals) The Gencor Case
Acquisitions (Steel) The Mannesmann Thyssen Case
Acquisitions (Steel) The SMS Mannesmann Demag Case
Concentrations In Brief


May 1999

Enforcement of Competition Rules Commissionss White Pages
Licensing Agreements (Internet) The Microsoft Case
Mergers (Petrochemicals) The TotalPetrofina Case
Price Fixing (Steel) The British Steel Case
Pricing Policy (Telecommunications) Commission Statement
Supply Restrictions (Liners) The EATA Case
Vertical Restraints Council Agreement


June 1999

Acquisions (Soft Drinks) The Coca-Cola Case
Acquisitions (Motor Vehicle Components) The Ford KWIK
Acquisitions (Motor Vehicle Components) The UBS Valfon
Acquisitions (Motor Vehicles) The Renault Nissan Case
Cooperation Agreements (Insurance) Commission Statement
Fines (Steel) The British Steel Case
Joint Ventures (Broadcasting) The Holland Media Groep Case
Price Fixing (Polyvinylchloride) The LVM Case


July 1999

Ancillary Restraints (Steel Products) The ISPAT Unimetal Case
Pricing Policy (Sugar) The British Sugar Case
State Aids (Restructuring) Commission Guidelines


August 1999
Exemption (Breweries) The S N Case
Joint Ventures (Telecommunications) The Global One Case
Standards (Internet Names) The NSI Case


September 1999

Cooperation Agreements (Telecommunications) The Cegeta
Licensing (Watches) The Benetton Case
News In Brief


October 1999

Acquisitions (Industrial Gases) The BOC Lair Liquide Case
Acquisitions (oil) The BP Amoco Arco Case
Acquisitions (Package Holidays) The Airtours First Choice Case
Distribution Agreements Proposed Commission Regulation
Joint Ventures (Computers) The Siements Fujitsu Case
Mergers (Oil) The Exxon Mobil Case


November 1999

Acquisition (Banking) The BSCH Champalimaud Case
Exclusivity (Electro-Technical Equipment) The FEG Case
Information Agreements (Agricultural Machinery)
>Pricing Policy (Banking) The NVB (GSA) Case

December 1999

Joint Ventures (Broadcasting) The Bib Case
Joint Ventures (Space) The Astrium Case
Market Sharing (Steel Tubes) The Steel Tube Cartel Case
State Aids (Motor Vehicles) The FIAT Case
State Aids (Motor Vehicles) The VW Case
Trade Between Member States (Sports) The UEFA Case






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