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IP at Pierce Law: Programs in IP, Commerce, and Technology

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Franklin Pierce Law Center has long been a leader in graduate education designed to develop intellectual property professionals skilled in the promotion and protection of valuable intellectual property assets. Pierce Law offers a Master of Laws degree in Intellectual Property, Commerce, and Technology for students who have already earned a domestic JD or its foreign equivalent, and a Master of Intellectual Property, Commerce, and Technology degree for university graduates who have not earned a prior law degree. Franklin Pierce Law Center has designed its graduate programs in intellectual property, commerce, and technology to present students the flexibility to further specialize or concentrate in the field by selecting one of two program paths, either the intellectual property program or the new e-commerce and cyberlaw program. Although the two paths share many core courses, there are advanced courses that are specific to each program path. This brochure describes the first of these two specialization options, the intellectual property program. The e-commerce and cyberlaw program is presented in a separate brochure. More...

Intellectual property law encompasses patents, trademarks, copyrights, licensing and trade secrets, as well as protections for new technologies. Students at Pierce Law learn not only what intellectual property is, but how and why to protect it, and how best to use it effectively.

Juris Doctor (JD) with a Concentration in Intellectual Property
Students may select a concentration in intellectual property while enrolled in the Juris Doctor (JD) program. A combination of elective courses and externship opportunities encourages students to design a program in their specific field of interest. Students may choose to concentrate in intellectual property, e-commerce and cyberlaw, or one of several other concentrations.

Master of Intellectual Property, Commerce, and Technology (MIP) and Diploma in Intellectual Property (DIP)
The Pierce Law Master of Intellectual Property, Commerce, and Technology (MIP) program was the first in the United States to provide legal training in intellectual property for technology managers and patent examiners as well as lawyers. A one-year interdisciplinary program, the MIP prepares students for a career in intellectual property by focusing on the acquisition of both substantive knowledge and practical skills. This is accomplished through an innovative mix of academic courses and externships with corporations, law firms, and governmental agencies.

Lectures & laptops

The MIP and six-month Diploma in Intellectual Property (DIP) programs are business executives, patent and trademark examiners, practitioners and administrators, and technology managers involved with licensing between entrepreneurs, universities, corporations, and government laboratories. Students enrolled in MIP and DIP programs attend classes with JD students and may engage in practical internships at law firms and corporate intellectual property departments. More...

Joint Juris Doctor/Master of Intellectual Property, Commerce, and Technology (JD/MIP)
The Joint Juris Doctor and Master of Intellectual Property, Commerce, and Technology (JD/MIP) degree program incorporates the comprehensive curriculum of the MIP degree with a thorough and well-rounded legal education. The joint program leads to the award of both the Juris Doctor and MIP degrees in three years.

Master of Laws in Intellectual Property, Commerce, and Technology (LLM)
The Master of Laws in Intellectual Property, Commerce, and Technology (LLM) is an academic degree designed for law graduates only. The LLM candidate must complete 30 hours of resident coursework. More...

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