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IP at Pierce Law: Academic Resources

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Intellectual Property Library (
The Franklin Pierce Law Center Library houses the largest collection of legal materials in the state of New Hampshire, with a collection of over 200,000 hard copy and microform volumes. The Intellectual Property Library, which occupies one floor of the Franklin Pierce Law Center Library, maintains an extensive collection of United States intellectual property titles and has its own dedicated intellectual property librarian who actively seeks to acquire major English language intellectual property publications. In the spring of 1999 the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) generously donated copies of all of its publications to our library and they continue to provide Pierce Law with copies of all its new publications. The WIPO gift greatly enhances the resources of the intellectual property library, creating the strongest domestic intellectual property collection in the country.

Resource Collection
Library resources include all major formats: paper, microfilm, micro-fiche, CD-ROM, online, Internet, audio and video tapes. There are approximately 10,000 hardcopy volumes covering all aspects of U.S. and international property law and practice. The Pierce Law Intellectual Property Library has also been designated as a Government Printing Office Depository Library and as such receives all significant publications of the Patent and Trademark and Copyright Offices.

Many online and CD-ROM services are available to all students, including DIALOG, LEXIS/NEXIS, INTERNET, ORBIT/QUESTEL, WESTLAW, CASSIS search disks from the Patent and Trademark Office, the Matthew Bender Authority Series covering seventeen major treatise titles, United States Patent Quarterly and phone book disks for trademark searches.

Computer resources Computer Center
Several banks of computers are available in the library and elsewhere around the campus for student use. In addition to providing access to online services, these computers may also be used to run simulated arbitrations; prepare briefs, outlines or resumes; create databases for courses and research; or to work through a self-paced Socratic tutorial (TUTORS).

Internet Access
Access to both national and international electronic mail is provided free to all students. An individual electronic mail address is assigned to each student upon registration. Email stations are located prominently throughout the campus. Internet access is also widely available.

Legal Research
All students learn proper research skill by attending an Introductory Legal Skills course and Pierce Law’s unique Intellectual Property Research Tools course. Students learn the multiple access points for primary and secondary legal authority as well as how to find non-legal data used by intellectual property researchers. In addition, representatives from the major intellectual property database producers provide up-to-date information and training.

Intellectual Property Mall Website
Pierce Law’s website and internationally recognized Intellectual Property Mall provide a unique collection of pointers to intellectual property resources. Continually updated by Pierce Law’s intellectual property librarian, the IP Mall offers a comprehensive resource for inventors and entrepreneurs as well as professionals working in academia, business and science.

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