Jefferson Medalists

Jefferson Medal

The Jefferson Medal is awarded annually by the New Jersey Intellectual Property Law Association to a person who has made exceptional contributions to the field of patents, trademarks and copyrights and is named after Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd President of the United States, 1st Secretary of State and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. He was an original member of the "Commissioners for the Promotion of Useful Arts" also know as the Patent Commission, which was the predecessor of the first Patent Office and was also one of the authors of the 1793 Patent Act. Best known as a politician, statesman, architect and educator, Thomas Jefferson epitomized the "ideals of invention" and provides the inspiration for the award.

A comprehensive list of all Jefferson Medalists from 1951 follows:

2009 Richard Linn CAFC Judge
2008 Robert A. Armitage Eli Lilly
2007 Arthur J. Gajarsa CAFC Judge
2006 Howard Bremer WARF
2006 Howard Bremer (2006 Address) Emeritus Counsel, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
2005 Marybeth Peters Register of Copyrights
2004 Donald R. Dunner (2004 Address) Patent Lawyer
2003 Randall R. Rader CAFC Judge
2002 Ralph Oman Register of Copyrights
2001 Charles E. Van Horn Patent Office Official
2000 Gerald J. Mossinghoff Commissioner of Patents, President of PHARMA
1999 Paul R. Michel CAFC Judge
1998 Alan D. Lourie CAFC Judge
1997 Orrin G. Hatch U.S. Senator
1996 Karl F. Jorda (1996 Address) Law Professor, Franklin Pierce Law Center
1995 William J. Hughes U.S. Congressman
1994 J. Thomas McCarthy Law Professor-Univ. of San Francisco
1993 Robert W. Kastenmeier U.S. Congressman
1992 Michael K. Kirk Patent Office Official
1991 Helen W. Nies CAFC Chief Judge
1990 Donald J. Quigg Commissioner of Patents & Trademarks
1989 Donald S. Chisum Law Professor-Univ. of Washington
1988 Pauline Newman CAFC Judge
1987 Frederick Lacey U.S. District Judge
1986 J.B. Van Benthem President, European Patent Office
1985 Rene D. Tegtmeyer Patent Office Official
1984 Donald W. Banner Patent Commissioner
1983 Isaac Fleischmann Patent Office Official
1982 Harvey J. Winter State Department Official
1981 William O. Baker President & Chairman, Bell Labs
1980 Ernst Jucker Sandoz A.G. Executive
1979 Barbara Ringer Register of Copyrights
1978 Edward C. Vandenburgh III Patent Lawyer
1977 Howard T. Markey CAFC Chief Judge
1976 C. Marshall Dahn Commissioner of Patents
1975 William C. Conner U.S. District Judge
1974 Tom Arnold Patent Lawyer
1973 Jacob Rabinow Inventor, Entrepreneur
1972 Abraham L. Kaminstein Register of Copyrights
1971 Edward J. Brenner Commissioner of Patents
1970 Eugene Worley CCPA Judge
1969 John L. McClellan U.S. Senator
1968 L. James Harris Author, Nurturing New Ideas: Legal Rights and Economic Roles
1967 Tom C. Clark Supreme Court Justice
1966 Reunion of Medalists (no medal given)  
1965 Anthony W. Deller Author, Deller's Walker on Patents
1964 John W. Anderson  
1963 Walter J. Derenberg Law Professor-NYU
1962 John T. Connor Secretary of Commerce, Merck & Co. CEO
1961 Arthur M. Smith CCPA Judge
1960 Edwin H. Land Inventor, Founder of Polaroid
1959 O.S. Colclough President George Washington University
1958 Robert C. Watson Commissioner of Patents
1957 Vannevar Bush Inventor
1956 Learned Hand Court of Appeals Judge
1955 Giles S. Rich CAFC Judge
1954 George E. Folk Author, Patents & Industrial Progress
1953 P.J. Federico Patent Office Official
1952 Charles F. Kettering Inventor
1951 S. Chesterfield Oppenheim Law Professor - Univ. of George Washington/Michigan

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