Pierce Law IP Exams

Law Exam Comedy!

We hope you enjoy this collection which consists of all IP exams released to the Registrar by the UNH Law IP Faculty to date.

ALI - Advanced Licensing Institute

Administrative Process (IP)

Advanced Trade Secrets

Advertising Law


Bio Tech. Law

Copyright Law

Copyright Licensing



Entertainment Law I

Federal Trademark and Copyright Registration Practice

Fundamentals of Intellectual Property



Intellectual Capital Management

Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual Property Survey

Intellectual Property Taxation

Intellectual Property under the UCC and the Bankruptcy Code

International Economic Regulation (WTO/WIPO)

International and Comparative Copyright (ICP)

     Professor Von Lewinski has requested that her exams not be posted on the Web.

International and Comparative Patent Law

International and Comparative Trademarks

International and Comparative Music Licensing

International Telecommunications Law

Inter Parties Trademark

Intro to Chinese IP Law

Intro to IP

Legislative Aspects of IP Law


Managing IP - Financial Principles

Managing Knowledge Assets in the University

Mergers and Acquisitions

MIP Research

Nonprofit Technology Transfer

Patent Law - United States

Patent Practice and Procedure I

Patent Practice & Procedure II

Patents & Trade Secrets

Patents, Trade Secrets, and Trademark Licensing

Pharmaceutical Patent Law

PPI Claim Drafting

Publications and Multimedia Law

Public International Law

Sports Law I

Sports Law II

Technology Licensing

Trademark and Deceptive Practice

Trademark Registration Practice

Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

Valuation of Intellectual Property

World Trade and World IP Law and Institutions

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