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GIN is for you as a patron of the IP Mall to post, read or both. The goal of GIN is to facilitate the distribution by our patrons of helpful or interesting intellectual property, commerce or technology information related to law, science, economics, and business thinkers and practitioners throughout the world. GIN has a global focus, so we welcome content relating to U.S., foreign, international and comparative topics. So, GIN is not restricted to law related content.

GIN is intended to publish a wide spectrum of content: articles, papers, manuscripts, editorials, critiques, exposes, perspectives, working papers, reviews, bulletins. It does not matter if the items has been published in another source or Website. If you have the copyright or licence right to post content here, we offer you a home. GIN is not an interactive chat spot such as a BBS, Group or discussion forum. GIN is not a blog since we publish full text, although GIN postings may be linked by blogs. We encourage the readers of GIN to communicate directly with other members of the GIN Community concerning their own and other's content. To help facilitate this interchange, we publish contact information for the author(s) of each item.

GIN is a service to patrons of the IP Mall, sponsored by the Franklin Pierce Law Center, one of the top U.S. law schools training IP, commerce and technology legal professionals.

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Prof. Jon Cavicchi, Site Director

Prof. Jon Cavicchi, Site Director

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