INVENTIONS of the 20th Century - a Photo Feature

Imagine a world without airplanes, automobiles, nylon or penicillin, a world where people don't listen to the radio, watch television, work at their computers, or listen to compact disks. Impossible? It's difficult today to envision such a world, but 100 years ago, none of these things existed.

Great inventions in such fields as transportation, telecommunications, medicine, and industry during the last century have indeed permanently changed the way we live and work. Yet we tend to forget how much we owe to the creativity and vision of the men and women who first made these indispensable things that are now an integral part of our daily lives. Inventions of the 20th Century celebrates a selection of these notable inventions, reminding us just how far we've come in a mere ten decades.

Inventions of the 20th Century was generously donated to the Franklin Pierce Law Center Intellectual Property Library. It is one of a series of eight collectible calendars for the year 2000. Each calendar in the series presents a fascinating, informative, and visually appealing look at notable people, innovative ideas, and important events of the past century. Golden Turtle Press is a Subsidiary of US MEDIA HOLDINGS, Inc., New York, NY. Golden Turtle products can be found for sale at may Web sites and stores including WALMART.


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