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Decision of the Appeals Board - U.S. Copyright Office 1995-2009

Decisions Index

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Company / Complaint
In Relation To / Control No.
October 21, 2009
Sylvia A. Petrosky, Esq.
Metallic Hammered Bouquet + 1
Control No. 61-401-2249(P)
October 21, 2009
Sylvia A. Petrosky, Esq.
Vertical Bar Design Packaging
Control No. 61-415-684(P)
August 11, 2009
Carol E. Handler
Wildman, Harrold, Allen
& Dixon, LLP
Control No. 61-419-6403(W)
August 11, 2009
Richard D. Zimmerman, Esq.
Chase Ruttenberg & Freedman, LLP
Rosette Beaded Sculpture
Control No. 61-421-6974(C)
August 10, 2009
Hamre, Schumann, Mueller
& Larson, P.C.
Chronologically Grouped
Coupon Set
Control No. 61-410-4777(S)
August 3, 2009
Craig Mariam
Gordon & Rees, LLP
Piezoelectric Lighter
orrespondence ID: 1-2RAJDF
June 18, 2009
Daniel M. Cislo, Esq.
Cislo & Thomas LLP
Boulevard Chair with Arms and 16 others
Control No. 61-400-1617(C)
April 23, 2009
Vanessa Hew
Duane Morris, LLP
Elbow Sleeve Plaid Printed
Thermal and 1 other
Control No. 61-503-1839(D)
March 27, 2009
Gregory H. Guillot Law Offices
Tommy Devito-Then and Now
Control No. 71-502-7781(G)
February 23, 2009
Irving Keschner
Mantra Series of Glass Tiles
Control No. 71-502-7781(G)
October 28, 2008
Jacqueline M. Daspit
The Williamsburgh Collection
Control No. 61-319-9698(G)
August 20, 2008
J. Mark Wilson, Esq.
Palimino, Wrangler and Stampede (Appeal)
Control No. 61-411-0645(K)
July 22, 2008
Kevin P. Crosby, Esq
Tech Art II Playing Cards (Appeal)
Control No. 61-401-7763(B)
July 25, 2008
Arthur S. Rose, Esq.
Time Tank (Appeal)
Control No. 61-418-1439(R)
June 5, 2008
Jerald E. Nagae
Nunchuk (Appeal)
Control No. 61-414-3939(C)
June 5, 2008
Jerald E. Nagae
Control No. 61-414-3939(C)
May 14, 2008
Fulwider Patton LLP
Dub Logo (Final Appeal)
Control No. 61-410-6783(F)
May 14, 2008
Fulwider Patton LLP
Dub Logo
Control No. 61-410-6783(F)
April 9, 2008
Jeffrey H. Brown
Fanciful Ornamental Bottle Design 1-9 (Appeal)
Control No. 61-309-9525(S)
April 9, 2008
Jeffrey H. Brown
Fanciful Ornamental Bottle Design 1-9
Control No. 61-309-9525(S)
February 23, 2008
Irving Keschner
Mantra Series of Glass Tile Arrangements
Control No. 61-415-7591(K)
January 24, 2008
Michael M. Ballard, Esq.
Avila 7 Bit (Appeal)
Control No. 61-316-1935(W)
January 24, 2008
Michael M. Ballard, Esq.
Avila 7 Bit
Control No. 61-316-1935(W)
November 28, 2007
Peter S. Sloane, Esq.
Alvina Valenta (#9501, 9503, 9507)
Control No. 61-318-2323(O)
Lazaro (#3559)
Control No. 61-401-7297(O)
August 31, 2007
Robert S. Beiser, Esq.
Cinch Design
Control No. 61-406-4956(B)
August 22, 2007
Mark J. Diliberti, Esq.
Swirled Glow Bulb
Control No. 61-309-7472(F)
July 9, 2007
Christopher M. Taylor
Ultra Mesh Side Panel Fabric Design
Control No. 61-403-4605(B)
May 2, 2007
Daryl G. Raney, Esq.
Small Classic (CRV 5250)
Control No. 61-400-5921(R)
(Case returned to the Exam. Div. for further action)
March 27, 2007
Michael K. Hendershot
brinks Hofer Gilson & Leone
C-Leg Table
Control No. 61-400-2358(B)
March 1, 2007
Mark A. Lieberstein, Esq.
Pitney Hardin LLP
Control No. 61-136-7250(P)
December 27, 2006
Ralph T. Lilore, Esq.
Diffraction Granting - Registered Rainbow
Control No. 61-202-4826(L)
November 21, 2006
Bryan P. Sugar
Schwartz Cooper, Greenberger & Kraus
MD Trader Animation
Control No. 81-329-5608(W)
October 13, 2006
Eugene Chovances
Law Offices of Jackson & Chovances
The Trinity Ring
Control No. 61-309-3143(J)
September 19, 2006
Owen J. Sloane, Esq.
Berger, Kahn, Shafton, Moss, Figler, Simon & Gladstone PLC
GTO's Permanent Damage
Control No. 10-867-8527(C)
September 14, 2006
Heather C. Brunelli
Thompson & Knight PC
Gist Wrap Wonderland 2002 Square Long - products and Gift Wrap Wonderland 2002 Square Short - Products
Control No. 61-222-7302(T)
August 10, 2006
Mark C. Young
Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP
CCC Logo
Control No. 61-321-0950(S)
July 3, 2006
Daniel M. Cislo, Esq.
Cislo & Thomas, LLP
Park Avenue and 5 Others
Control No. 61-400-1617(C)
(Final decision Pending)
July 3, 2006
Ronald M. Daignault, Esq.
Jones day
Control No. 61-321-1046(J)
May 25, 2006
Daniel J. Warren, Esq.
Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan, LLP
Aegean Frame and 13 Others
Control No. 61-314-1086(L)
(Refused 14)
May 15, 2006
Daniel J. Warren, Esq.
Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan, LLP
Canaletto Frame and 27 Others
Control No. 61-201-7536(S)
(Refused 26, Accepted 2)
May 5, 2006
Thomas M. Sanders, Esq.
Brown Rudnick Berlack Israels, LLP
SI 1297 and 15 Others
Control No. 61-311-8426(B)
April 5, 2006
Jill Pietrini
Manatt Phelps and Phillips LLP
Bruce Lee Core Symbol
Control No. 61-208-7178(M)
March 7, 2006
David Youseffi, Esq.
Best Western International Inc.
Best Western Logo
Control No. 61-319-7499(B)
February 17, 2006
Gene S. Winter, Esq.
St. Onge Steward Johnson & Reens, LLP
Tiered Multiple Stone Setting
Control No. 61-217-3360(S)
(Refused/Extension for a related claim entitled Multiple Stone Setting to 3/15/06)
February 17, 2006
July 21, 2006
(Closure letter)
Jonathan A. Hyman, Esq.
Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, LLP
5 Pin Indy Cross
Control No. 61-320-6104(K)
February 17, 2006
Lawrence M. Green, Esq.
Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, PC
Door Light with Truncated Design
Control No. 61-315-4769(W)
February 8, 2006
Reid M. Wilson, Esq.
Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, LLP
Ortho Season Long
Control No. 61-309-4576(V)
January 26, 2006
John W. Eldredge, Esq.
Myers, Dawes, Andras, & Sherman, LLP
Control No. 61-217-6777(M)
December 12, 2005
Brett M. Hutton, Esq.
Heslin Rothenberg farley & Mesiti, P.C.
Primitive (tapered) Lamp Base, Primitive (circular) Lamp Base, Primitive (elliptical) Lamp Base
Second Refusal From October 12, 2004
November 29, 2005
Lara Dickey Lewis, Esq.
Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP
Source of Knowledge
Control No. 61-307-9211(S)
November 7, 2005
Amy R. Richter, Esq.

Cluster Necklace and Cluster Lariat
Control No. 61-217-8546(R)
November 3, 2005
Amy B. Goldsmith, Esq.
Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman, P.C.
Ring, Style No. 40675 and Chain, Style No. 41913

October 24, 2005
Gregory S. Shea, Esq.
Latham & Watkins, LLP
Ring Style 035
Control No. 61-312-8317(L)
October 05, 2005
Arthur G. Yeager, Esq.
I (Heart) My Marine
Control No. 61-215-7171(N)
October 05, 2005
Frederick D. Page, Esq.
Holland & Knight, LLP
I Love My Sailor (VA 1-264-760), I Love My Marine (VA 1-264-761)
Control No. 61-317-7527(S)
September 27, 2005
Terrence J. McAllister, Esq.
Ohlandt, Greeley, Ruggiero & Perle, LLP
Croc Scissors
August 09, 2005
Karen Feisthamel, Esq. Hinkley Allen & Snyder Double Designer Lounge(#43045), Float (#43048), Float (#43051)
Control No. 61-223-173.(H)
July 19, 2005
E. Scott Johnson
Ober, Kaler, Grimes & Shriver
Marielle Faucet Base, Marielle Faucet Control Valva Base
Control No. 61-210-2908(O)/ No. 61-200-7678(O)
May 26, 2005
Jack B. Hicks, Esq.
Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC
Bogart Collection Open Oval Drawer Pull (-427)
Control No. 61-224-5585(W)
May 26, 2005
Robert J. Schaap, Esq.
Design of a Wristwatch
Control No. 61-223-8976(S)
May 11, 2005
Ms. Jessica L. Turko and Ms. Beth H. Alter
Kramer Levin Naftalis and Frankel LLP
Top Panel For Locomotive Remote Control Unit
Control No. 61-204-4244(K)
May 06, 2005
Heather M. Barnes, Esq.
Brouse McDowell
Mailmaster Standard, Mailmaster Plus, Mailmaster Deluxe, Mailmaster Classic, Mailmaster Classic Plus
Control No. 61-206-449.(E)
March 31, 2005
Kevin P. Crosby, Esq.
Brinkley, McNerney, Morgan, Solomon & tatum, LLP
Gerard Console with Stone Top Lombard Chest
Control No. 61-207-7196(B)
March 28, 2005
Robert Tendler, Esq.
Photo Coaster Square, Photo Coaster Set Square, Quadra Graphic Design in Glass Block
Control No. 61-201-552(T)/61-218-5960(T)
March 16, 2005
Mark D. Simpson, Esq.
Synnestvedt & Lechner LLP
Whealan Massicott Jewelry Design Umoja Bracelet
Control No. 61-212-9711(S)
March 10, 2005
David M. Perry
Blank Rome, LLP
Revolution 1.0, Revolution 3.0-RS 3.1, Revolution 3.0-RS 3.2, Revolution 4.00-RS 4.1, Revolution 4.00-RS 4.2
Control No. 61-223-5322(B)
March 08, 2005
Karen Artz Ash
Rosenman and Colin, LLP
Cloister Seat
Control No. 60-906-1846(R)
February 23, 2005
Matthew R. Jenkins, Esq.
Jacox Mecksroth and Jenkins
Gun Cover and Design
Control No. 61-216-9920(J)
February 18, 2005
Jay H. Begler, Esq.
Buchanan Ingersoll
Sirena Collection Single Stone Ring - A1705/R5
Control No. 61-214-7134(B)
February 15, 2005
John V. Moriarty, Esq.
Woodward, Ernhardt, Naughton, Moriarty & McNett
2nd Refusal
Chanmai fence, Songling Fence, Shantung fence and Tangshan Fence
February 14, 2005
Theodore C. Max, Esq.
Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky and Popeo PC
D1728N Organdie Necklace With Diamonds, D1480BS Renaissance Bracelet With Diamonds, D1453R Black Lace Floral Diamond Ring and D1660R Black Lace Floral Diamond Ring
Control No. 61-206-5437(M)
February 10, 2005
Evan Gourvitz
Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, P.C.
Lucinda Ring Setting
Control No. 61-200-6471(T)
February 08, 2005
Peter J. Vranum, Esq.
Janvey, Gordon, Herlands, Randolph & Cox, LLP
Triad-Gray Fabric Design
Control No. 61-213-7152(J)
February 03, 2005
Theodore C. Max, Esq.
Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky & Popeo, P.C.
2119E: Pair of Dangling Diamond Earrings, 2111N: Necklace of White Rose Cut Diamond, 2100E: Pair of Rose Cut Diamond Earrings, 2099E: Pair of Rose Cut Diamond Earrings, 2032BS: Spider Bracelet Brown Rose Cut Diamond, 2001BS: Spider Bracelet of Rose Cut Diamond, 2078N: Organdie Necklace, 2114E: Pair of Briolette Diamond Dangling Earrings
Control No. 61-209-4311(M)
February 01, 2005
Seth M. Nehrbass
Garvey, Smith, Nehrbass & Doody, LLC
Basketball Beads Collection, Baseball Beads Collection, Soccer Ball Beads Collection, Hockey Beads Collection, Heart Blinky Head, Lucky Shamrock Blinky Bead Collection, Football Blinky Bead Collection
Control No. 61-203-9084(B)
January 14, 2005
Michael A. Albert, Esq.
Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.
Pressed Flowers Frame Collection
Control No. 61-207-2148(W)
October 29, 2004
Craig N. Killen
Nelson Mullins Riley and Scarborough.
OS 1402P; OS1417P; RD1403P; PA1399SV; PA1400SV; QJ6276SL; QG6371H; QG9177GC; SR6295RB; QH6061; QG6206ES
Control No. 60-716-9772(Q)
October 07, 2004
Daniel M. Cislo
Cislo & Thomas LLP
Nikken Logo
Control No. 61-209-9348(C)
September 20, 2004
Michael A. Albert
Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks
Pressed Flower Frame Collection
Control No. 61-207-2148(W)
August 31, 2004
N. Paul Friederichs, Esq.
Angel Angenehm Law Firm, Ltd.
Control No. 61-213-9329(A)
August 19, 2004
Lora A. Moffatt
Salans Hertzfeld Heilbronn Christy & Viener
Bracelet B05004M; Ring R06179; Drop (Pendant) D06273; Earrings E06179
Control No. 60-721-7853(R)
August 12, 2004
Kevin Brown, Esq.
Burr & Brown
Large Sweeping Taper 20-4527
Control No. 60-215-1437(B)
August 10, 2004
John A. Hughes, Esq.
Townsend and Townsend and Crew, LLP
French Gallery, French Hotel, Hotel Venetia, Italian Villa, Running Rabbit, Swiss Watchmaker, Bond Street, Italian Harvest and Shanghai
Control No. 60-719-0269(T)
July 30, 2004
Daniel N. Lundeen, Esq.
Lundeen & Arismendi L.L.P.
2000 Westminster Mots Wind Chime, 2000 Bass Mots Wind Chime, 2000 Tenor Mots Wind Chime, Alto Mots Wind Chime, 2000 Mezzo-Soprano Mots Wind Chime, 2000 Soprano Mots Wind Chime, 1994 Westminster Mots Wind Chime, 1996 Tenor Mots Wind Chime, 1999 Mezzo-Soprano Mots Wind Chime
Control No. 60-902-9297(L)
July 29, 2004
Barry L. Haley, Esq.
Malin, Haley & DiMaggio, P.A.
Mom Tennis Bracelet
Control No. 61-200-8637(B)
July 07, 2004
Anthony J. Biller
Coats & Bennett
Maps for AppraisersDOTcom and AppraisersDOTcom
Control No. 61-206-4900(C)
June 21, 2004
Mark W. Hendricksen, Esq.
Wells, St. John, Roberts, Gregory & Matkin P.S.
Newly Created Symbolic Characters for New Language
Control No. 60-617-7006(W)
June 09, 2004
Robert M. Angus, Esq.
Westman, Champlin & Kelly
Tennis Tail - Raccoon Collection, Tennis Tail - Fox Collection, Fido's Favorites Tennis Tail - Squirrel Collection
Control No. 60-908-7329(M), 60-908-6417(M), 60-905-6609(M)
June 03, 2004
Howard C. Miskin, Esq.
Stoll, Miskin & Badie
Finger Ring #2935
Control No. 61-207-771.(S)
May 28, 2004
Peter G. Nikolai, Esq.
Law Offices, Nikolai
Cake Mold - Star Design, Cake Mold - Bavaria Design
Control No. 61-210-993.(N)
May 20, 2004
Roberta S. Bren, Esq.
Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt, P.C.
Master-Carre Patterned Glass Design
Control No. 61-204-8824(O)
May 19, 2004
Robert S. Churchill
Eaton & Van Winkle, LLP
Clip-On Watch Model 9360; Clip-On Watch Model 9140
Control No. 61-204-9521(M)
May 12, 2004
Michael W. Ferrell, Esq.
Ferrell & Ferrell, L.L.P.
ConQuest Injection Blow-Molded Tumblers/ With Cut Glass Design and With Fluted Design
Control No. 60-716-0417(F)
May 06, 2004
Laurie Haynie
Welsh and Katz
Control No. 60-906-285.(L)
May 05, 2004
Quentin G. Cantrell
Woodard, Ernhardt, Naughton, Moriarty & McNett
Tangshan Fence, Sonling Fence, Chenmai Fence
Control No. 60-901-8326(W), 60-907-4418(W), 60-901-8552(W), 60-901-8326(W)
May 04, 2004
Adesh Bhargava, Esq.
Dykema Gossett PLLC
DIVA - Glass Carafe
Control No. 60-908-4364(D)
April 22, 2004
Anthony J. Malutta, Esq. and John A. Hughes, Esq.
Townsend and Townsend and Crew, LLP
Paris Expo and Thirteen Others
Control No. 60-719-0269(T)
April 22, 2004
David C. Jenkins, Esq.
Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC
Distressed Firepot
Control No. 50-900-1519(E)
April 22, 2004
Keith E. Danish, Esq.
Trademark & Patent Counselors of America, P.C.
Appassionata Barocco - Ring, Appassionata Barocco - Necklace, Appassionata Barocco - Bracelet, Appassionata Barocco - Earrings
Control No. 61-207-7866(T)
April 13, 2004
Simon Bock
Rosenman and Colin
Time For Love (Style No. L5); Time For Love (Style L4); Time For Peace (Style P5); Time For Peace (Style 4); Time For Hope (Style H5); Time For Hope (Style H4); Time For Love (Style L2 & L3); Time For Peace (Styles P2 & P3); Time For Hope (Styles H2 & H3)
Control No. 60-903-1197(R)
April 07, 2004
Neil S. Goldstein, Esq.
Gursky & Ederer, LLP
Decorative Picture/Plate Stand, Decorative Plant Hanger, Decorative Basket, Decorative Urn-Shaped Basket
Control No. 61-205-4565(G)
March 29, 2004
Robert B.G. Horowitz
Cooper and Dunham, LLP
Fragile Bath Line Bottle
Control No. 60-907-9910(C)
March 23, 2004
Marc A. Lieberstein, Esq.
Ostrolenk, Faber, Gerb & Soffen, LLP
New Relief Plate Design
Control No. 60-906-4119(O)
March 18, 2004
Ms. Allison Z. Gifford
Duane, Morris & Heckscher LLP
Hood College Ring and Indiana University Ring
Control No. 60-702-3245(D)
March 15, 2004
Emily M. Spectre
Salans Hertzfeld Heilbronn Christy & Viener
Pave Crossover Collection
Control No. 61-203-5425(Y)
March 12, 2004
Joshua L. Cohen, Esq.
Butterfly Hairclip
Control No. 61-203-571.(R)
March 2, 2004
Parker H. Bagley
Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP
Link Design
Control No. 61-206-5277(M)
February 26, 2004
George F. Williamson, Esq.
Law Offices of Ann Koo
Three Mask Works Entitled, 5595B2CF, 620A2XX and 900AX
Control No. 40-500-9362(K)
February 10, 2004
Daniel P. Burke, Esq.
Galgano & Burke
Double Action Roulette Game Board Layout
Control No. 61-202-9557(G)
January 23, 2004
Robert J. Schneider, Esq.
Chapman & Cutler
Mystic Lite
Control No. 61-204-2599(C)
January 7, 2004
Nathan J. Breen, Esq.
Howe and Hutton, Ltd.
Aerosol Warfare #2
Control No. 61-205-3154(H)
January 5, 2004
Taylor M. Davenport, Esq.
Coats & Bennett
Pottery Jar
Control No. 60-703-4026(C)
December 19, 2003
Marsha G. Gentner
Jaconson Holman, PLLC
Parts Price List
Control No. 70-920-6742(J)
December 17, 2003
Steven R. Gustavson, Esq.
Baker Botts, LLP
Multistone Magical Setting Collection
Control No. 60-901-8188(B)
April 11, 2003
Stephen C. Beuerle, Esq.
Lyon & Lyon, LLP
Worm Light
Control No. 60-706-0310(L)
February 23, 2003
Joel N. Bock, Esq.
Clifford, Chance, Rogers & Wells, LLP
Arcopole; Double Bar; Gothic6; Gothic 6+3
Control No. 60-606-7926(C)
October 2, 2002
Sherry Gunn Hanlon
Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin, LLP
Halloween Cub Condo
Control No. 60-709-2066(B)
September 30, 2003
Sherry Gunn Hanlon
Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin, LLP
Cub Condo Design No. 1
Control No. 60-701-1042(B)
Cub Condo Valentine Design
Control No. 60-703-6928(B)
September 26, 2002
Lora A. Moffatt, Esq.
Salans Hertzfeld Helibronn Christy & Viener
Bracelet B3934, B3950 and Ring R6159, R4874
Control No. 60-707-6693(P)
September 23, 2002
Robert B. G. Horowitz, Esq.
Cooper & Dunham, LLP
Issey Miyake Fragrance Bottle and Issey Miyake Bath Line Bottle
Control No. 60-713-3582(C)
August 28, 2002
Charles L. LaPolla, Esq.
Ostrolenk, Faber, Gerb & Soften, LLP
Marquise Look Bracelet
Control No. 60-714-8659(O)
August 16, 2002
R. Bennet Ford
Roy, Kiesel, Keegan & DeNicola
Gemstone Setting
Control No. 60-719-1840(R)
August 9, 2002
James V. Costigan, Esq.
Hedman, Gibson & Costigan
Mantle Piece and 5 others
Control No. 60-713-1496(H)
August 7, 2002
(Amended August 23)
Thomas A. Adams, Esq.
Baker & Daniels
Tecumseh Design
Control No. 60-701-6385(B)
May 14, 2002
Edwin Komen, Esq.
Cleary & Komen, LLP
Control No. 10-600-7542(C)
March 26, 2002
Derek D. Wood
Woodcock, Washburn, Krutz, Machiewicz & norris, LLP
2000 Sculpture and Sketch
Control No. 60-707-7007(W)
March 20, 2002
Thomas A. Smart
Kaye, Scholer, Fierman, Hays & Handler, LLP
Stars & Stripes Design for Cellular Telephone I
Control No. 60-708-0420(A)
March 20, 2002
Andrew M. Baer
Wolf, Block, Schorr and Solis-Cohen, LLP
Advantage Layout and 3 others
Control No. 60-702-9958(W)
March 20, 2002
Mitchell N. Reinis
Buchalter, Nemer, Fileds & Young
Paris Blues Pocket Design
Control No. 60-704-488(R)
February 21, 2002
Mark. D. Fredericksen
Koley, Jessen, Daubman & Rupiper
8 Column 10 Inch Ballot
Control No. 60-703-309(K)
January 28, 2002
Kathleen M. Olster, Esq.
Christie, Park & Hale LLP
Sephora, S.A.
Control No. 60-608-8396(c)
December 14, 2001
Robert J. Patch, Esq.
Young & Thompson
Control No. 60-703-988(Y)
November 6, 2001
Howard B. Rockman, Esq.
Lee, Mann, Smith, McWilliams, Sweeney & Ohlson
Flanders Brilliant Cut Diamond
Control No. 60-709-0129(S)
September 28, 2001
Charles N.J. Ruggiero, Esq.
Ohlandt, Greeley, Ruggiero, & Perle
O's and I's
Control No. 60-710-5940(O)
September 28, 2001
Daniel W. McDonald, Esq.
Merchant & Gould
Bunny Ears
Control No. 60-6001-4329(M)
September 24, 2001
Robert J. Patch, Esq.
Young & Thompson
Control No. 60-700-6971
September 17, 2001
William F. Vobach
Internet Smile
Control No. 60-713-3618(V)
Control No. 60-714-9618(V)
September 13, 2001
Leonard D. DuBoff, Esq.
DuBoff, Dorband, Cushing & King, PLLC
Whitney Boin Collection 1984
Control No. 60-615-568(D)
Whitney Boin Collection 1996
Control No. 60-615-9387(D)
March 7, 2001
Gary J. Rinkerman, Esq.
Steptoe & Johnson, L.L.P.
Bearing Device and Letters & Bearing Device
Control No. 60-701-047(G)
February 16, 2001
John A. Scillieri, Esq.
Seldon & Scillieri
Watch (C101) and 8 others
Control No. 60-616-3613(S)
February 2, 2001
Steven B. Lehat, Esq.
Butterfly Wings and Angel Wings
Control No. 60-700-1548(S)
January 25, 2001
Jason J. Young, Esq.
Young & Basile, P.C.
Foxtrot #720
Control No. 60-707-7798(Y)
Jitterbug #721-A
Control No. 60-707-9079(Y)
September 29, 2000
Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik
Twisted Rope and Twisted Rope Curtain Rod and Finials
Control No. 60-611-3160(L)
September 29, 2000
Coudert Brothers
Flash Magic, Twist and Shout
Control No. 60-616-0718(D)
Control No. 60-619-0718
Control No. 60-618-6594
September 29, 2000
Meyer, Unkovic & Scott
Crystal Ribbon, Cascade, and Sunburst
Control No. 60-619-9268(M)
September 29, 2000
Wood, Herron & Evans, LLP
Lynnridger Maple, HILB-622A and 3 others
Control No. 60-607-9878(W)
September 29, 2000
Kirkland & Ellis
Watch Fare
Control No. 60-616-6269(W)
Control No. 60-617-6921(W)
Control No. 60-617-9974(W)
Control No. 60-618-4668(W)
September 25, 2000
Steinhart & Falconer, LLP
Control No. 60-508-5784(S)
August 1, 2000
Wood, Herron & Evans, LLP
Bead & Sequin Christmas Light Design
Control No. 60-616-805(W)
July 6, 2000
Pryor Cashman Sherman & Flynn, L.L.P.
Bracelet B4260
Control No. 60-608-1552(D)
June 30, 2000
Lucio, Mandler, Croland, Bronstein, Garbett, Stiphany & Martinez
Versus Gianni Versace and 3 others
Control No. 60-601-7440(S)
April 12, 2000
Jacox, Meckstroth & Jenkins
Telesuite Room
Control No. 60-514-2527(J)
April 12, 2000
Stephen E. Feldman, Esq.
12305 Soccer mom and 5 others
Control No. 60-509-8538(F)
March 22, 2000
Peacock, Myers & Adams, P.C.
GRCF 921
Control No. 60-610-7215(P)
March 17, 2000
Whyte Hieschboeck Dudek SC
Rack Pack-Billiard Package Design
Control No. 50-705-5288(W)
September 30, 1999
Peacock, Myers & Adams, P.C.
Aztec Belt Buckle
Control No. 60-513-8439(H)
September 30, 1999
Lilling & Cohen, LLP
Retinol Vitamin A Cream Extra Strength Package; Retinol Vitamin A Cream Extra Strength Ultra Sunscreen Package; Retinol Vitamin A Eye Gel Package
Control No. 60-603533-5(L)
September 30, 1999
Fields & Johnson
Three player chess board
Control No. 60-508-5401(F)
August 12, 1999
Jacobson and Johnson
Drawstring Runestone Bag; Set of Rune Stones With Raised Lettering Copyright Office
Control No. 60-513-1837(J)
August 11, 1999
Alter and Weiss
Learning Curve Toys
Control No. 60-511-4113(A)
July 23, 1999
Debevoise & Plimption
Star Clock and Stare Mirror; Sun Clock and Sun Mirror; Bottle Cap Lamp and Candlestick
Control No. 60-508-9854(L)
July 20, 1999
M.Z. Berger & Co. Inc.
Clock Collection
Control No. 60-601-2753(H)
July 9, 1999
Emrich & Dithmare
Square 12-2H Building Structure
Control No. 60-605-5428(E)
July 6, 1999
Seed and Berry LLP
Control No. 60-5076921(S)
July 6, 1999
Pryor, Cashman, Sherman & Flynn LLP
Bracelet B4260
Control No. 60-608-1552(D)
June 30, 1999
Wall, Marjama, Bilinski & Burr
Control No. 60-605-7751(M)
June 30, 1999
Henri Studio, Inc.
4113F - Column Well Fountain 3 piece
Control No. 60-509-3669(H)
March 12, 1999
Vizio Hinge Box-Column
Vizio Hinge Box
Control No. 60-6010875(W)
March 8, 1999
LaRiviere, Grubman & Payne
Flashing Gold and Silver Stars as Earings and Pins
Control No. 60-403-387-6(L)
October 3, 1997
Chris A. Caseiro, Esq.
Thomas L. Bohan & Associates
Wave Ring
Control No. 60-501-110(B)
October 1, 1997
Ross & Hardies
Thomas D. Drescher
Wrapped Reichstag, Berlin, 1971-1995
Control No. 60-504-9973(D)
September 25, 1997
Alexander H. Drummond, SH101, SH102, SH201, SH202, SH203and SH204
Control No. 60-511-1523(D)
September 25, 1997
Edward W. Gray Jr. Esq.
Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery
Heath Company, Decorative Lantern Housing
Control No. 60-506-112(F)
August 18, 1997
Edward R. Weingram, Esq.
Weingram & Associates, Attorneys
Baby Gold Jewerlry, Inc., BG14K-B0400 and Eight Others
Control No 60-406-8815(W)
June 23, 1997
Leonard DuBoff & Associates
Leonard DuBoff
Fluted Band and Remount Sopris Collection
Control No. 60-414-4742(K)
June 10, 1997
Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
Marty Kay Hutton
Registration # Lp36398
June 2, 1997
Cleary & Komen
Edwin Komen
Control No. 60-503-4852(C)
May 22, 1997
Herbert L. Bello
3-dimensional sculpturesSalsa Salsa Server, Salsa Tortilla Warmer, Salsa Chip and Dip, Jumbo Garlic Cellar, and Original Garlic Baker
May 16, 1997
Steven H. Schwartz
c/o Brown and James
Artist=s Books-Snowglobe
May 14, 1997
Mcglew and Tuttle, P.C.
Jess M. Collen
Djellabah and Night
May 14, 1997
David J. Josephic, Esq.
Wood, Herron & Evans, P.L.L. Attorneys
Ansa Company, Inc., Infant Bottle
Control No. 60-410-7983(W)
May 13, 1997
Jess M. Collen, Esq.
McGlew and Tuttle, Attorneys
The 500 Yard Drive
Control No. 60-409-8485(B)
May 6, 1997
Daniel M. Cislo, Esq.
Cislo & Thomas
Jeff Ho Design
Control No. 60-501-7864(C)
May 5, 1997
Charles Hieken, Esq.
Fish & Richardson, Attorneys
Next Disk
Control No. 60-501-2199(W)
May 2, 1997
G. Donald Weber, Jr.
Law Office
Rocking Table
Control No. 60-501-2190(W)
April 25, 1997
Law Offices of Irena I. Karpinski
Karan Singh, Esq.
Pearl Pillows
Control No. 60-510-8766(L)
April 22, 1997
Lynn J. Alstadt
Buchanan Ingersoll, P.C.
Wreath Card Holder
Control No. 60-500-7496(b)
April 4, 1997
Harding, Earley, Follmer & Frailey
Terry Towel
Control No. 60-502-7121(H)
April 4, 1997
Richard R. Mybeck
Control No. 60-504-0017(M)
March 27, 1997
Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman, P.C.
Donna L. Mirman
Style No. 2236E
Control No. 60-405-8899(C)
March 4, 1997
Pamela Cianci
Man By A Compfire
February 5, 1997
J. Michael Cleary and Edwin Komen, Attorneys
Law Office of Cleary & Komen
Lindos and City Blocks
Control No. 60-409-6821(C)
February 5, 1997
Michael R. Friscia, Esq.
Friscia & Nussbaum, Attorneys
Bouble Diamond, Diamond Shape, and Heart Shape
Control No. 60-407-3178(W)
February 5, 1997
Edward R Weingram, Esq.
Weingramm & Zall, Attorneys
Baby Gold Jewelry, Inc., BG14K-1035 and 23 Others
Control No. 60-407-0034(L)
December 31, 1996
Mavis S. Gallenson
Ladas & Parry
Fairway Collection I
Control No. 60-409-9761(L)
December 2, 1996
Paul E. Crawford, Esq.
Connolly, Dove, Lodge & Hutz
Lumpies and Primitive Hearthsides
Control No. 60-506-4332(C)
December 2, 1996
W. Edward McLeod
Don And Donna Go to Bat
November 18, 1996
Bruce Hoffman
Nowport '69 Pop Festival
Control No. 80-412-9903(H)
November 18, 1996
James C. Wray, Esq.
Menehune Water Company, Inc.
Diamond Shape Bottle
Control No. 60-407-1489(W)
November 18, 1996
Nancy M. Dodderidge
Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein
Antique Looking Belt Buckle
Control No. 60-409-8929 (A)
July 18, 1996
Gerber Law Office
David Gerber
McLintock screenplays
May 7, 1996
Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman
William M. Borchard
Pleasures Box Design
April 8, 1996
Brian D. Hickman
Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman
Rex Kite King of the Kites
April 8, 1996
Glenn K Robins, II
Sno-Biz Hawaiian Shave Ice Building
April 8, 1996
Head, Johnson & Kachigian
Moore Manor
Tulip Design
April 8, 1996
Bernard Kreten
Bloom & Kreten
April 8, 1996
Stephen Burlingham, Inc.
Stephen Burlingham, President
Discus Torch
April 8, 1996
John H. Kusmiss
Color Designs for Combination Lock
April 8, 1996
Jeffrey R. Gargano
Wallenstein, Wagner & Hattie, Ltd.
Alternating Color Guitar Strings
December 7, 1995
Roberta M. Price
Montgomery & Andrews
Many Lines Ranger Buckle Set
December 7, 1995
Berenhard Kreten
Bloom & Kreten
Bar-F Products, Inc., Design Patterns
December 7, 1995
Robert J. Enders
Berger, Kahn, Shafton, Moss, Figler, Simon & Gladstone
California Concept Studios
October 30, 1995
James D. Silberstein
Weiss, Dawid, Fross, Zelnick & Lehrman
American In Four Colors
October 30, 1995
Raymond P. Niro
Niro, Scavone, Haller & Niro
Snakelight-Snake Pipe and Snake Sculpt
Control No. 60-409-1373(N)

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