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The Franklin Pierce Law Center has grown to be the top intellectual property training school in the nation. The Intellectual Property Library opened in January 1, 1995, after many years of formation had taken place to concretize the commitment to providing comprehensive intellectual property information services. In recent years the Law Center has allocated funds to develop the collection of paper and electronic information. The Library has been the recipient of some unique collections of practitioner materials donated by intellectual property attorneys and corporate IP departments. Introductory and advanced courses in Intellectual Property research have been offered to allow students to become better practitioners and scholars. One mission of the Library, as the premier source of intellectual property information in the country, is to grow, acquiring both information of historical and current importance, scholarly and practice oriented, in all formats-from the dustiest law book to the most far off database!

Pierce Law's Intellectual Property (IP) Library serves as an innovative, global, IP information resource and training center that parallels the founding vision of the Law Center. Unique, with an international reputation as one of the top five IP collections in the world, this IP Global Resource Center has become a critical asset to Pierce Law, supporting the Law Center's historical mission to educate students to build IP capacity.


Pierce Law is the only law school in the nation with:

  • a dedicated IP Global Resource Center classified at the research level of collection development;
  • a virtual, award winning IP website library and portal, the IP Mall;
  • leading edge technology services production such as the IP LAWCAST pod cast service;
  • all WIPO publications, received at no cost;
  • an IP librarian who has a law degree, a LL.M. degree in IP, 15 years experience, publishes articles on IP information and, as a member of the faculty, teaches courses in IP legal research and patent informatics.


Pierce Law's IP Global Resource Center is dedicated to supporting the IP capacity building of:

  • domestic and international IP professionals;
  • IP policy makers;
  • IP scholars & their research efforts.


The Pierce Law IP Global Resource Center:

  • has collected IP materials on the research level for over 3 decades;
  • has a global reputation actively promoted by domestic and international alumni;
  • includes approximately 12,000 print volumes dealing with IP, commerce and technology;
  • provides students access to every major English language IP research product available;
  • is home to the Homer Blair Patent Model Collection;
  • is the recipient of many donations by well known practitioners and corporations;
  • over the last five years assisted almost 1,000 patrons from other libraries to find IP materials not otherwise available to them.

The Collection

The Pierce Law IP Global Resource Center's collection supports the largest IP curriculum in the world and covers:

  • the IP spectrum from news and practice to highly scholarly works;
  • interdisciplinary aspects of IP;
  • the synergy of law, technology, science and business;
  • English language works in domestic, foreign and international IP law;
  • materials from the earliest law books to the most current Web resources;
  • continuing education and professional organization materials not available at other law schools

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